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Digital plan

    Helpdesk Support
    We can provide help desk support via our tickets system. Whatever your website related problem we are here to help.

    Security Updates
    Security is one of the main issues affecting websites today. We can manage your servers firewall, install software to prevent hacking attempts and install software to prevent malware attacks. If you fold any customer data on your sites you really need to keep security up-to-date.

    Software Updates
    Most websites are written using programming languages or Content Management Systems like WordPress. These are updated from time to time to increase functionality and security. We can upgrade your site to make sure that they are always using the latest software release.

    Plugin Updates
    Many websites rely on plugins for extra functionality eg. eCommerce or Payment Gateways these are regularly updated. We will test these plugins and only upgrade them when we are certain that they are compatible with your website and will not cause any problems.

    Content Updates
    Text, media and page structure changes

    Email Account Support
    Your hosting includes email accounts. From time to time you will need new email accounts and help setting these up on your devices.

    CMS Training as Required
    We are here to train your staff as required on how to maintain your content using the CMS.

    SEO and Speed Optimization
    Regularly checking your website for areas where searchability can be improved can go a long way to improving search engine optimization.

    We will set up your Analytics account with conversion goals and each quarter we will send you a report of your web site’s performance.

    Bug fixing
    Inspect, find and fix issues on your website.

    From time to time no matter how careful you are disaster strikes so it is important to have a backup to recover the site from. We can backup your site on a schedule to suit your needs eg. Daily, weekly or monthly.